What to choose?  That's the hard part!!!

There are many design options, and the possibilities in terms of colours, styles, designs, embellishments etc are almost limitless!

The hard part is narrowing down what sort of look you want. This page will help.

Check the images here and on the other Masks pages for ideas of what is possible. 

Feel free to contact me to discuss your options, I provide a full consultation service.



My specialty is creating a mask to match the colours of your outfit. I work with colour tones, rather than trying to do colour match. A complete colour match is all a bit too much, can detract from your dress, and not easy to match from digital images. 

The standard option is a painted base layer. This can be one solid colour, but I recommend blending, bringing in a contrast colour tone to soften the whole look.
Tones provide depth and interest. I like to bring in iridescent tones, as well as metallic gold, silver, copper etc.  My favourite is a black base with iridescent overtones and metallics.

Another option is to have the base layer done in a colour, and overlaid with lace, this gives a lovely effect.

If you know what you're wearing, and you can email me a photo of your dress, then I can give you suggestions of what might work best. Or you may have your own ideas.

You might want a darker base with lighter trims and design detail - this gives a more dramatic and exotic look.
You might prefer a lighter base, with deeper tones for trims and detail - this gives a more classical chic look.
You might want to pick out one colour and highlight that.
You might prefer a more muted look, with subtle colour tones.
You might want to go for a vibrant blend of rich bright colours.

It's up to you! 

Couple_red_black.JPG     All_3.JPG Sophie1.JPG blue_black_silver.JPG male20.JPG

Red/black couples set, and set of 3 lace masks - created using Traditional bases
Black/white and blue/black female masks with feathers/dangles, and silver male mask - created using Premium bases (See Mask Prices for more info)

If you're not sure, then you can't go wrong with black, white and metallics, or any combination thereof.
Having a black  base with metallic highlights is dramatic - I can bring in gold, silver and/or copper tones.
A white base with black detail (or vice versa) and a hint of metallic will look good too.

If you're not sure - just ask me!




I create a unique swirl design on each mask.
The design could be symmetrical or asymmetrical.
It might be flourishes and swirls, or maybe a structured pattern e.g. harlequin diamond.
It could be raised relief or flat.
It could be sparkly or matte finish.

  Flat_swirls.JPG   R_Aqua.JPG  Harl_1.JPG



A female mask looks great embellished with up feathers.There are various options.
These could be a spray style, fluffy style, ostrich feathers, long plumes.
They can be set to one side, or in the centre.

Black_gold_copper.JPG  Aine1.JPG




Feathery tassles down the side can really enhance a female mask.
I can combine the various colour tones of the mask and create a custom-made "Dangle".
Something a little bit different.
The Dangles fall softly and add elegance.
Great either on their own, or combined with side feathers.

Oyana1.JPG  F19.JPG  F2.JPG



Rhinestones, gemstones, butterflies, flowers, roses ... there are all sorts of possibilities here.
Adding little rhinestones at the edges of the eyes, and/or dotted through the swirl design, looks great for a touch of sparkle.
Roses for a touch of sophistication.
Embellishments can be subtle or can be a feature piece of your mask, it's up to you.