PLEASE NOTE:  Apologies - I will be unavailable until 8th January 2018 and will not be able to supply masks until after that date.


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Creativation is: 

- inspiration, innovation, intuition, imagination, motivation, exploration, creation


Creativation is:

- exploring beyond the known ... to create the exceptional


Creativation is:

- my self-coined term for all things creative - and it's my passion.


I am pleased to be able to share my creative endeavours with you through this site.

Feel free to browse the pages and ask any questions ...

I have a HOME STUDIO in Remuera, Auckand. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to know more about Creativation. 



I am a mask artisan and offer a range of beautiful masks.


Take a look at my range of gorgeous metal filigree masks (imported) - these are intricate Venetian style, with crystals, and I can adapt colour tones to suit if you wish.

Also a small range of lovely lace masks which are soft and flexible, slightly stiffened to contour on the face. These can also be embellished with colour tones, feathers etc.


I also specialise in creating unique one-off hand-shaped masks made to order - I use a beautiful mask base that was made in New Zealand, however my stock of these bases is dwindling and there will never be any more available as the machine they were made from has been decommissioned. 

If you are wanting a special hand-made mask with a difference, wish to have a character or themed mask created or require a theatrical style mask for a performance or dance that you are doing, I will be able to help you. 


I also create special "Artique" wall-art masks for wall decoration, using these same bases as well as authentic ones from Venice.

These masks are all hand-shaped and decorated by me using traditional Venetian techniques ... with my own flavour and flair added.


Click HERE to see my Mask section. If you have a special occasion coming up, I'd love to create a unique mask for you.


URGENT ORDERS - Need a mask URGENTLY? Ring me on 021 480323 and I will aim to help!


OVERSEAS ORDERS - I create for clients outside of New Zealand, but please be aware that I need time to create the mask, as well as taking into account postage time (usually up to 10 working days) - the earlier you can contact me, the better. Payment by PayPal for all overseas orders. 







One of my great joys is creating a vision in my head, and then overcoming the technical challenges involved in bringing that vision to reality.
Being involved in WOW is very much all about this process.

I have had seven garments over five years selected for the Brancott Estate WOW Wearable Arts Show in Wellington (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016).  I took a break in 2015 and alas did not get selected this year, 2017.

If you haven't been to a WOW show yet, get along - it is hard to describe what an extravaganza it is - I highly recommend it!

I have also entered various regional wearable arts awards over recent years. 

Check my Wearable Arts page for more info.

Also check for info about the show itself.




Browsing this site will give you an overview of the art I've created through the years, as well as current work.
For many years I painted prolifically, exhibited widely, won awards, and sold successfully.

These days I focus on smaller ink artworks as I have a fascination with inks and the chaotically controlled nature of the medium.
I create only a limited number of ink artworks, displayed in various ways.

Feel free to contact me if you're interested in these works.


I enjoy experimenting and developing my diverse style but have certainly found my niche in inks.


Check the ART SHOWCASE section to view samples of my art, and see the Events page for exhibition info.


If you like anything you see, please contact me to check if it is available for sale. 



I am a freelance travel writer for Destinations Magazine.
When I began writing for Destinations, it was a print magazine but over recent years it has gone fully digital with a quality online offering and a large subscriber base.
A team of travel writers from around the world contribute and I love being one of them.

Check the website

I have always travelled, and I have always written about my travels, and I am thrilled to now be a bona fide travel writer, able to share my travel writing with a wider audience than just friends and family!

You'll find articles that I've written, including on Japan (Tokyo & Niseko), Morocco and Norfolk Island.

I also have several writing projects in progress - a novel for children, a novel for youth and a lifestyle cookbook.  It's not a recipe book, but rather a cullinary lifestyle handbook to inspire you to be truly creative in your kitchen. It's about confidence and discovery, breaking the cooking process down into elements to enable you to cook without recipes, without limits. I began writing this book more than ten years ago and am still honing it - many of the concepts and insights contained within it have become rather mainstream now - which means I was always on the right track with it, even back when I started it in the mid-2000s.

It's working title is THE CONCOCTION COOKBOOK : Enhancing your Kitchen Culture and I hope it will soon become reality.

Alongside this I enjoy writing short stories, and am  also working on two other novels, one for children and one for young adults ... finding time for completion is not easy, but I hope to one day to have my books published!

I have a blog called Two Words - check it out  
I also write travel blogs when I am off around the world - and






Prices on this website reflect that you are buying direct from the artist, rather than through a gallery or shop.

Prices are based on a variety of factors, including size, materials used, complexity, creative input and time input.

My aim is to keep prices affordable so that my art and masks are accessible to all.

Feel free to ring me at any time with any query - mobile 021 480323

Or email me at 

Check "The Latest News" page for recent happenings.

Check the Events page for past and upcoming exhibitions.


I look forward to creating for you! 



Sally Blyth

Auckland, New Zealand


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