If you need a mask for any occasion - a Masquerade ball, a school ball, a 21st, a corporate event, a special celebration - I would love to create a unique one for you, wherever you are in the world.  I can create handmade masks, and also import a range of gorgeous metal filigree masks with crystals.

Payment is by internet banking.  I am happy to accept and ship INTERNATIONAL orders using Paypal. 

1. Check the Mask Showcase and Metal Filigree mask pages for different design options and to see what's possible

2. Have a look at the Mask Prices page for price indications and the FAQ page for more info

3. Contact me with enquiries and orders - via website or on 021 480323021 480323 - we discuss your ideas, requirements and timeframe either by phone or email

4. You email me a photo of your outfit, if possible, and the styles you prefer (or make an appointment for a Personal Consultation if in Auckland - $20)

5. I give you my suggestions, a quote and more images if necessary

6. If you want to go ahead, I create your mask(s)

7. I email you a photo of the mask(s)

8. You let me know if you are happy with everything

9. We organise payment and delivery

10. You go happily to your ball with a fabulous mask!

NOTE: If you wear spectacles, I create a special range of flexible masks that fit over most glasses frames.



Prices range from $35 upwards.  Most male masks are around $35-$40.  Most female masks are between $45-$60. More ornate masks will cost a little more.

Metal filigree masks are mostly $50-$60.  A little extra with additional colour tones and/or crystals etc.  I will give you a quote.

Lace masks range from $12 upwards, depending on extra embellishments.

For my hand-shaped masks, the price depends on a number of factors:
- the base template I use
- the complexity of the mask;
- the materials involved;
- the time taken.

  Check the MASK PRICES page for more detail