I have a range of lace masks.


  • Black with crystals $10 (as shown on the left)
  • For masks with added colour tones, embellishments, feathers etc $15-$20 depending on level of detail (examples shown below)

These are lovely black lace masks, slightly stiffened to give contour and structure.  They are light and comfortable and ideal if you wear spectacles as their flexibility means they can fit over the top. These masks come with crystals.

The photos on the left are the various styles in the Paradiso Range, with crystals - as listed here (in order going down) - $10 black with crystals:

La Vera, La Bella, La Florentina, La Fox, La Vitalia, La Flora, La Viola, La Venetia, La Bat


PLEASE NOTE: La Bella and La Viola have reasonably small eyeholes (best for a more petite face/small specs). La Bat is soft and flexible, not stiffened.  

Add an extra touch - I can personalise one of these lace masks for you by adding more crystals, coloured crystals, gold/silver accents, colour tones, glitter etc.  

The photos below show masks in the Paradiso Range with various embellishments, colour tones etc to give you an idea of what is possible (virtually anything!)
Prices range from $15 - $20 depending on the embellishments.  

L1.JPG LL2.JPG L7.JPG L6.JPG L16.JPG L8.JPG L4.JPG L12.JPG L5.JPG  L10.JPG L11.JPG L18.JPG L9.JPG L14.JPG L15.JPG  L21.JPG LL3.JPG L13.JPG L17.JPG  L19.JPG  L30.JPG  L22.JPG L23.JPG L24.JPG L25.JPG L26.JPG L27.JPG  L31.JPG L32.JPG L33.JPG L34.JPG L28.JPG L35.JPG L29.JPG L20.JPG  La_Viola_multi.JPG LSet1.JPG LSet2.JPG LSet3.JPG LSet4.JPG LSet5.JPG LSet6.JPG LSet9.JPG LSet7.JPG LSet8.JPG  LSet10.JPG Lset11.JPG  Collection_Lace1.JPG Collection_Lace2.JPG Collection_Lace3.JPG

The second group of lace masks come in Black, White and Red.  They are lovely lace with a trim and organza ribbons.  The lace is laid onto a plastic base to give it structure.  Very light and comfortable and fits most face shapes.  The white is a creamy white rather than stark.  The red is a bright vibrant tone.

$15 each or $20-$25 with addition of feathers, glitter, colour tones etc.

Lace_Black.JPG Lace_White.JPG Lace_Red.JPG

Below are some one-off Delecta masks with embellishments.  These masks below are for sale as shown.  $20.

Lace_Blue1.JPG Lace_Rose1.JPG Lace_Teal1.JPG Lace_Purple1.JPG

 These two masks below are also one-offs - lace mask over a gold base -  $20 each (slightly different base styles)

La_Lara_Gold1.JPG   La_Lara_Gold2.JPG


If you have questions about the lace masks, just ask!