I have two types of lace masks - Paradiso range and Delecta range.  Beautiful well-priced masks for your ball ...

I can personalise one of these lace masks for you by adding more crystals, coloured crystals, gold/silver accents, colour tones, glitter, feathersetc.   

(Go to bottom of this page for images of Delecta lace range) 


These are lovely lace masks with intricate patterns and interesting shapes. 

They are light, comfortable, flexible and elegant - slightly stiffened to give contour and structure, without being rigid.

Mostly black, some styles in white (La Bella, La Raquel) - the masks come with crystals (or you can opt to have no crystals if you prefer).

With crystals $10
For masks with added colour tones, embellishments, feathers etc $15-$25 depending on the level of detail

  La_Vera_C_-_Copy.JPG   La Vera  Collection_Lace3.JPG

La_Vera_BlackGold_-_Copy.JPG La_Vera_CT1_-_Copy.JPG La_Vera_F1_-_Copy.JPG 

La Vera style is brilliant - it fits all face shapes and size - looks good on everyone.  Can't go wrong!

La_Cygnalia_C.JPG La Cygnalia

La_Cygnalia_BlackGold_-_Copy.JPG La_CygnaliaCT1_-_Copy.JPG La_Cygnalia_CT2_-_Copy.JPG

La Cygnalia is versatile and lovely and fits most face shape.

  La_Bella_black_C_-_Copy.JPG La Bella  La_Bella_white_-_Copy.JPG

La_Bella_BlackGold_-_Copy.JPG La_Bella_CT1_-_Copy.JPG La_Bella_CT2_-_Copy.JPG

La Bella is dramatic and lovely.  It has smaller eyeholes and is narrower across the bridge of the nose than other options, suits more petite faces.  Gorgeous!

La_Magnifica_C_-_Copy.JPG La Magnifica

La_Magnifica_BlackGold_-_Copy.JPG  La_Magnifica_CT1_-_Copy.JPG

La Magnifica is broad across the nose, and is a wide mask - classy and dramatic, perfect for a larger face.

La_MysteriaC_-_Copy.JPG La_Mysteria_CT1_-_Copy.JPG La Mysteria

La Mysteria is a more "flat" style - best suited for a smaller flatter nose, rather than a more pointed, aqualine one. Something a bit different!

La_Raquel_white_C_-_Copy.JPG La_Raquel_white_rose_-_Copy.JPG La Raquel (white only)

La Raquel is a wider mask, best suited for wider faces.




These masks are more rigid in structure.  The lace is laid onto a plastic base to give it structure. 

They come in Black, White and Red.  Lovely lace with a trim around the edge of the mask, and organza ribbons.  

Very light and comfortable and fits most face shapes.  The white is a creamy white rather than stark white.  The red is a bright vibrant tone. 

PRICES:  $12 plain, or $15-$22 with added embellishments, flowers, glitter etc.

 Lace_Black.JPG    Delecta_black_pink_-_Copy.JPG

 Lace_Red.JPG   Delecta_red_rose_-_Copy.JPG