I am passionate about mask-making, and have invested much time and energy building up my skills over many years. I pay attention to the finest detail and your mask will always have my total devotion while creation takes place.

You may pay a little more for my Hand-shaped masks, but you are getting much more than just any old mass-produced mask.
You are getting a unique piece of wearable art, made especially for you, with my specialist mask knowledge woven into the process.

Alternatively, my imported range of quality Metal Filigree and Lace masks is limited, sells quickly andis  not widely available. Although I do not create these masks, I select each style personally, and can embellish them with colour tones to suit your outfit.  They are, quite simply, stunning.

A little info about the process ... 
Mask-making is a very time-intensive and material-intensive creative process, using skills and know-how that takes time to build up and perfect. Despite all the layers involved, I aim to keep my prices affordable, but I do need to make a wee profit!

TIME - Even the simplest mask takes approximately half an hour to complete. Cutting and shaping is not a simple process. Imagining and designing takes time and energy. The masks are built up in stages, over a period of time, and the more ornate ones take many hours from start to finish. Some of the more exotic ones take days of work, overcoming technical challenges and fiddling around to get the mask looking just right.Liaising with clients to make sure I get their mask(s) just right also takes time, I never wish to cut corners and there can be many emails and photos going back and forth to ensure I am on the right track. When the mask arrives, most clients email me to say the real thing is so much better than the photos could show. Which is true - it's very hard to photograph the masks to best effect, to get the angles, the sparkle, the detail etc. As they say - all good things take time!

MATERIALS - The material costs involved can be substantial, as I only use quality products and search far and wide to find just the right trim, ideal embellishments, the right coloured glitter etc. I use vintage lace and jewellery, as well as more standard materials. I use a mix of spray paints as well as hand-applied paint effects. Glues, feathers, crystals etc ... there is a lot involved in creating the look of a special mask and I have amassed a large treasure trove over the years. 

If budget is a major consideration for you, there is always the $2 type shops that sell all sorts of masks - but do be aware that many of them are ill-fitting, use plastic bases with nasty shapes that do not fit well, cheap embellishments and are churned out by the dozen so there is no unique factor involved.

If, however, you are happy to pay a little more, I would be delighted to create a special piece of wearable art for you.


Handcrafted masks range from $35 upwards and depend on three factors:

- the mask base/template that I use
- the complexity of the mask design
- the materials involved
- the time taken

All masks are created and finished by hand and signed by me (except the Metal Filigree styles).

All prices are PLUS postage/or courier.  You are welcome to pick your mask up from me, by appointment, if you are in Auckland.

MASK BASES & PRICE GUIDES - I use various bases, as outlined below. These prices are for guidance - contact me for a specific quote.

The PREMIUM base is a full-face mask which I cut and shape by hand. These bases are used for Phantom style masks, Venetienne style, full-face Artique artwork masks, and any mask that requires special eye shapes or a particular custom-made face shap.

These wonderful high-quality paper bases, made in New Zealand, are no longer being produced, and I have only a limited supply left. Once these bases are gone, they are gone. There can be no more, as the machine that made them has sadly been decomissioned. They are light, comfortable and versatile - and now they are very precious as each mask created using these bases are true limited editions.

Because of all these factors, these PREMIUM masks cost a little more.

PREMIUM prices
Phantom style masks are $40
Female masks using Premium bases generally range between $45-$60
Theatrical and character masks depend on what's involved
Artique artwork masks are $150+

The TRADITIONAL base is a half-face mask which covers the eyes only.  I cut and trim to create various designs, male and female. The eye shape is standard for all Traditional masks, slightly slanted. Made of a quality paper mache material, these bases are light, comfortable and durable. Not as versatile as the Premium masks, but affordable, fabulous to work with and great to wear.

Female: $40 to $55+  (lace masks cost $60)
Male: $40 to $55+


The CHARACTER bases are a cat mask and a butterfly mask, and also a Scaramouche (longnose). The cat and butterfly masks are high quality paper mache, light, comfortable and durable. The Scaramouche bases are a quality plastic, very light and easy to wear.I can create other characters by commission if you have something in mind, just contact me.

Feline: $45+
Butterfly: $45+
Scaramouche: $45+

The VENETO  base is handcut and shaped by me from faux suede and leather. These masks are soft and pliable, slimline and very light and ultra-comfortable, and something just a little bit different. They fit any size or shape of face. They are perfect if you wear specs, as they are fully flexible and fit over the top of most specs so you can hardly notice them underneath. This range is also very easy to post, as they are flat and light. Simple and effective without feathers etc, or dramatic and ultra-stylish with.

VENETO Specs range prices
Male and female: $35-$45+ depending on design and embellishments

The ALLEGRIA bases are completely hand created by me using authentic Venetian "stuck paper" technique.  Perfect for "longnose" style masks, very slim masks, or character masks. This style is very light and ultra flexible.  Also suitable to wear with glasses.  These each take time to create, as there are several stages involved and the process is quite exacting.

Contact me to discuss, as these are all made to order

I also have a small range of AUTHENTIC Venetian bases which are beautiful quality, direct from Venice, with a gorgeous smooth plaster finish. I have a very limited stock of these in several shapes, and higher prices apply, starting at $80. Please enquire, I'm happy to explain more, send photos of the bases I have etc.

Generally, the above starting prices indicate what it will cost for a simple (yet complex to create!) mask, with painted base, trim, swirl design, gold/silver accent and elastic.The swirl design can be either raised relief, matte relief or glitter sparkle.


Prices go up as the mask becomes more ornate. You can add up feathers, down dangles, crystals, pearls, gems, flowers, embellishments etc - the price goes up accordingly, depending on what you would like. I am very happy to give you a quote, as each mask is such an individual thing.

A removable stick (with ribbons) is $12 extra, a permanent stick is $8 extra. 

You are welcome to come to my home studio for a full consultation - you can see various samples and designs, try on different shapes to see how they look on you, view current stock, bring your dress etc and we can design your mask/s together. This is lots of fun and the best way to get the perfect mask.  I will be sure to put you at ease and give you all the information and inspiration you need to go to your Masquerade event fully confident, prepared and looking fab!

Otherwise I am happy to work via email and photos - with a measure of creative licence as it is not always easy to grasp true colours on the computer etc. But I am able to get a good feel for the sort of look you are wanting.

Each hand created mask is hand shaped and cut by me. Every part of the mask is hand decorated.
I have a studio full of treasures which I can add to your mask - from glitter and sparkle, to butterflies and roses, to feathers and dangles, to lace and fabric ... and just about anything else you can think of.
The back of each mask is finished to a high standard and signed by me.
I can add a special message on the back if you wish, if this is a gift.
Each metal filigree and lace mask style is selected personally by me, and quantities are kept small.

I will always provide a quote and get your agreement before going ahead with creating a mask, so that you know what your cost will be.
I am happy to give a discount for bulk orders.
There is no obligation to purchase if the finished mask is not what you envisaged.

Any queries - just ask me !