Unique Hand-Decorated Masks

Alas, I am very low on stock of metal filigree masks - new stock coming  ...

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: I am sorry but I will be unavailable to help with masks between Thursday 11th and Thursday 18th May 2017

I specialise in creating one-off unique hand-decorated masks. These can be made to order to a specific theme and colour scheme, to match your outfit. I use various mask bases and can create a myriad of looks and shapes.  I gather my inspiration from my own creative energy, as well as from research visits to Venice where I come home armed with new ideas, techniques and materials.


I also import a range of gorgeous Metal Filigree masks with crystals, and also Lace masks - see below.


- If you have something in mind for your own mask, I can turn your vision into reality.
- Wanting a beautiful metal filigree mask?  Click here

- Wear glasses? Check the Lace masks - they are flexible and fit over spectacles.
- If you need a mask but are stuck for ideas, the Showcase pages will give you lots of inspiration.
- If you'd like to give me creative licence to create a mask for you, I'm more than happy to do that.


If you are short of time and need a mask - ring me pronto on 021 480323!  I hope to be able to help you!

Also, do check TradeMe as occasionally I put masks for sale there - check the listings for Parasal (my Trade Me username).


I'm very happy to create and ship international orders using Paypal, but please contact me as soon as possible as we need to take postage time into account, as well as the creation process.

RING OR EMAIL ME AT ANY TIME and I will aim to help.   sally@masquerade.co.nz or 021 480323

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If you have an enquiry, or an urgent mask requirement,
feel free to phone me on
021 .




Check the Metal Filigree Masks page for STUNNING masks made of laser cut metal with intricate "lace" patterns and crystals.  I import these ... each mask is hand selected and I have limited stock which sells quickly.  They are absolutely gorgeous and go with any outfit.  Intricate, elegant and lovely ... here's a taste ... (apologies, it's hard to capture the sparkle of the crystals and decadence these masks have in real life). I will advise when new shipments arrive - but as I say, these masks sell quickly and are not widely available.  I am thrilled to be able to offer these truly fantastic masks, alongside my own creations.

Stellaria_MM9C.JPG  Florentine_MM3C.JPG  Regina_MM6C.JPG

L to R:  Stellaria; Florentine; Regina (with clear crystals)


Check the Lace Masks page for a small range of GORGEOUS masks made of embroidered lace.  These masks come with crystals and are soft and flexible, slightly stiffened to contour to your face, and very light and comfortable.  They look fabulous and are also very affordable. I can add colour tones and other embellishments if you wish.

Because they are flexible, they can be worn over spectacles, if you need to wear glasses to see!  

  La_Bella_C.JPG La_Vera_C.JPG La_Viola_C.JPG

L to R:  La Bella; La Lara  ($12) - slightly more expensive with extra embellishments

I also have lace masks in Black, White and Red as below - also on the Lace Masks page ($15) and can embellish these bases for an extra $5.

Lace_Black.JPG Lace_White.JPG Lace_Red.JPG



Check the various pages in this section of the website to see samples of my masks, get lots of design ideas, and to find out how to order a mask, approximate costs etc.

Showcase 1a and Showcase 1b - wearable masks suitable for females.

Showcase 2 - wearable masks suitable for males.

Showcase 3 - wearable matching masks for couples.

Showcase 4 - more ornate and exotic masks

Showcase 5 - Artique masks for wall decoration

Showcase 6 and Showcase 6a - masks "in action" - happy customers having fun at masked parties!

Showcase 7 - Characters and Themes

Metal Filigree Masks - stunning laser-cut metal masks, intricate and gorgeous

The Mask Prices and How to Order pages are important ones - these give you full details about PRICING and how to go about ORDERING your unique mask.

The Design Options page will give you lots of ideas.

Prices range from approx. $35 upwards, depending upon the complexity of the mask. More elaborate masks are dearer. The really ornate masks are done in several stages, building up texture first, then painting and then intricately embellishing the mask to create a unique piece of art, so these are more expensive. But as a general rule, you'll get a superb female mask with embellishments for around $55-$60.

Prices are plus postage. 

- If you have a Masquerade ball coming up, I'd love to create a unique mask for you to wear.
- If you would like to give a unique gift, I can create a mask themed especially for the recipient.
- If you would like a stunning mask for your home, I can create one to match your decor.

Check my FAQs page under this Mask section where I aim to answer the questions I often get asked about mask-making.

If you wish to create your own mask - either as an individual or as part of a workshop - check the Create Your Own Mask page.

If you are looking for a speaker or seeking a presentation about Masks, check "The Story of Masks" page - I'd love to talk to your group about the glory of masks.

Check the Feedback page for comments from happy clients.

Feel free to contact me by email if you would like to place an order or discuss anything at all.

Or ring me on 021 480323 if you have any queries.

021 480323 


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