I can adapt and embellish any of the black metal filigree masks that are in stock to match your outfit - click here for various styles of the filigree mask designs.

Choose one of the styles, let me know the colour tones you would like, and I can work my magic to create a totally unique one-off mask for you.You may want to add the vibrance of colour, or perhaps just a hint of gold or silver?  Glitter and/or iridescence adds another dimension.  I can add crystals or other embellishments.  Feathers are another option - although these masks are such a statement piece in their own right!

Below is a range of examples of what I can do by adding colour, glitter, crystals etc. Some are available for sale (as indicated) - but I can create similar for you, just contact me.

PRICE: All embellished metal filigree masks, as shown here, are $90 each (or for particularly ornate ones, slightly more).

If you are after a male mask to match, choose one of the male metal filigree options, or check Showcase 2 for ideas.

If you need any help or have any questions, just ask! 

sally@masquerade.co.nz or 021 480323

Volaria_Bfly.JPG Stellaria_Blue.JPG Stellaria_Red.JPG Empressaria_Turquoise_Red.JPG

ABOVE L to R:  Volaria multi (SOLD), Stellaria blue (SOLD), Stellaria red (SOLD), Empressaria turquoise/red (AVAILABLE)

Florentine_Purple.JPG Regina_Purple.JPG Majesteria_Purples.JPG Regalia_Opal.JPG

ABOVE L to R: Florentine purple (SOLD), Regina purple (SOLD), Majesteria purple (SOLD), Regalia opal (SOLD)

Fantasia_Turquoise.JPG Fantasia_Red_Gold.JPG Alexei.JPG Alexei_feather.JPG

ABOVE L to R: Fantasia turquoise (AVAILABLE), Fantasia red/gold (AVAILABLE), Magnifica gold (SOLD), Magnifica feathers (SOLD)

EGGS_mask1.JPG  EGGS_mask3.JPG  Holly1.JPG

ABOVE L to R: Delicato blue/gold (first two images) - this mask was donated for a charity auction, Delicato blue/silver (SOLD)