PRICES as stated - please note, these are special one-off samples and I only have ONE of each style.  Absolutely UNIQUE - and when it's gone, it's gone!

On this page you will find masks for males and females - gorgeous masks made of crystals, metal filigree masks in gold and rose gold, traditional "Bauta" masks for males and helmet "Cascada" style masks for females. The masks are all light and comfortable and beautiful quality (as all my masks are!)

Most of these are imported, but there are some masks at the bottom of the page which I have hand created.

 CRYSTAL MASKS - these masks are made entirely of crystals - ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!
NB: Cristella and Nerolina are rigid in shape, Valentina is somewhat flexible (photos cannot do them justice!)

 Cristella.JPG  Nerolina.JPG  Valentina.JPG
           Cristella (clear) SOLD                       Nerolina (black and clear)  $100               Valentina SOLD

 BAUTA MASKS - for males
NB:  These cover the full face but are designed you so can eat and drink beneath the protruding nose/mouth

 Bauta_Black.JPG  Bauta_White.JPG
            Bauta Black  SOLD                                                                    Bauta White  $80

 HELMET STYLE MASKS - for females
 NB: These sit up into the hairline and have crystals and silver chains that fall beneath the eyes

 Cascada_Black.JPG  Cascada_White.JPG
           Cascada Black   SOLD                                                        Cascada White  SOLD


 Belissima_Rose_Gold.JPG Magnifica_Rose_Gold.JPG Signora_Gold.JPG
   Bellisima Rose Gold  $85                           Magnifica Rose Gold SOLD                            Signora Gold  SOLD


  Van_Diemen.JPG Merlana.JPG Sparta.JPG
             Van Diemen  SOLD                                            Merlana  SOLD                                             Sparta  SOLD


Venuto has been created using an authentic Venetian handcrafted base, with various trims and embellishments.
Gattina Purple has been created by me using authentic Venetian "stuck paper" technique with iridescent colour tones.
Gattina Red is on a lightweight sturdy papier mache base.

 Venuto1.JPG Gattina_purple.JPG Gattina_Red.JPG
                  Venuto  $80                                  Gattina Purple  $45                                      Gattina Red  $40

Remember, these are ONE-OFF masks.  Any questions ... just ask !!