SHOWCASE 1a - Female Masks

Here is a selection of masks I've made for females.
Showcase 1 is split over two sections (1a and 1b) to enable you to view a wide variety of styles and colours.
Showcase 1b shows masks created with lace overlay.

The photos on both pages will give you lots of ideas of what is possible.

NB: These pages do not include images of my range of gorgeous Metal Filigree Masks - see separate sections for these.
Click here for black metal filigree masks and here for coloured options. 

Some masks showcased here are similar in style and colour palette - but no two masks are ever the same.

Remember to take a look my other Showcase pages for other styles and ideas - for males, couples etc.

Do check the How to Order page for details regarding ordering your mask.

Feel free to email me
or phone me on 021480323 to discuss your ideas and requirements.


F100.JPG F101.JPG F103.JPG F104.JPG F105.JPG F106.JPG F107.JPG F108.JPG F109.JPG F110.JPG F111.JPG F112.JPG F113.JPG F114.JPG F115.JPG F116.JPG F117.JPG F118.JPG F119.JPG F120.JPG F122.JPG F123.JPG F124.JPG F125.JPG F126.JPG F127.JPG F128.JPG F129.JPG F130.JPG F131.JPG F7.JPG F102.JPG

F19.JPG F47.JPG F132.JPG F133.JPG F134.JPG F135.JPG F136.JPG F137.JPG F138.JPG F139.JPG F140.JPG F141.JPG F142.JPG F143.JPG F2.JPG  F39.JPG F42.JPG F43.JPG