SHOWCASE 2 - Male Masks

Here is a selection of masks I've made for guys ...

I can add glitter or more embellishments if you want to be a bit daring,
but these images give you a flavour of what's possible.

PRICES range from $30 to $50+ depending on what you want.

At the bottom of the page are photos of "longnose" Zanni-style  masks.
I create these from hand using traditional Venetion techniques, priced at $70.


Male_black_silver_-_Copy.JPG Male_red_black_-_Copy.JPG  MaleC.JPG

  MaleE.JPG MaleF.JPG MaleA.JPG MaleB.JPG  Male_harlequin_blue.JPG Male_harlequin_gold.JPG

Collection_Male_Colour.JPG Collection_Male_Jester.JPG Collection_Male_Metallic1.JPG 

  Phantom2.JPG Phantom_black_silver.JPG phantomMale2.JPG 

Lyle.JPG Phantom1.JPG Phantom_Red_Black.JPG

male13.JPG male15.JPG male20.JPG

Warrior1.JPG Warrior2.JPG Warrior style $60

Longnose_Veneto1.JPG Longnose_Male2.JPG Zanni style $70

Maschio_Male1.JPG Maschio male, metal filigree (out of stock at present, sorry)