SHOWCASE 5 - Artique Masks

These masks are full-face wall decoration masks which I have carefully handcrafted. Each and every embellishment is meticulously selected and put in place to create a unique piece of

I don't draft up designs on paper, or even gather together all the bits and pieces before I begin. I just have a vision in my head (often concocted in the middle of the night!) and I set to work in my studio.

However, if you commission an Artique Mask from me, you can have as much input into the colours, design, trims and embellishments as you wish, so you have a clear idea of what it will look like.
Or ... you can give me some colour tones and an overall look/feel, and then give me free rein to create a surprise for you.

The masks are inspired by traditional Venetian full-face mask designs and techniques, but I add my own flavour and creativity and build the personality of the mask.

These masks incorporate real vintage items such as fabric, jewels etc, special beads, trimmings and jewellery items that I pick up on my travels, flowers, leaves, and various exotic embellishments ... my studio is full of special treasures to use.

These are a stunning piece of art for any room. They are totally unique and hand-decorated. Some are on ceramic bases that I have handmade or imported. I exhibit these masks as pieces of art, hence my term "Artique" for this style.

If you would like an Artique mask created for you or a friend please contact me to discuss. I can work with any theme you like, and can incorporate any special pieces of old jewellery or mementos into the mask

PRICES range between $150 to $200+ depending on design and materials used. 

Here is a selection of masks I have created over the years - for Wearable Arts, for clients, for charity auctions, for friends ...all manner of colours, styles, themes.  These masks can also be worn.

  Jolly1.JPG  Ebony_and_Ivory.JPG  Pastelia.JPG Jester1.JPG Dama_DOro1.JPG    

  Biddy1.JPG Shelley.JPG Carolyn_Mask1.JPG Jo1.JPG   Per_Angusta_Ad_Augusta.JPG Vina_Athena1.JPG  

  Blue_Garden_Goddess.JPG Blue_Rose_GOddess.JPG   Forest_Lady.JPG  Artique1.JPG Artique2.JPG Artique6.JPG

  Pastel_Garden.JPG Kate.JPG  DinyFinal.JPG Sally_Blyth_Matariki_Goddess.jpg  Autumn_Lady.JPG

    Artique3.JPG Artique4.JPG Artique5.JPG Rose_Queen1.jpg La_Bella_Dama.JPG

   DiamondsPearls1.jpg GOB2.jpg Romantische1.jpg  Zara1.jpg Black_Grace1.jpg Ancient1.jpg Golden_Squaw.JPG GoldenLily.jpg Black_and_Gold1.JPG Artique8.JPG 

   Jane.JPG MEgan_50.JPG   Artique10.JPG  Regal_Noir.JPG   Regalia.JPG

   Scarlet_Lady.jpg Exotic1.JPG