The Story of Masks

I have amassed a heap of information and images about masks of all descriptions, their history, the Venetian carnivale, ethnic masks, masks with a purpose etc. I have consolidated this into a fascinating presentation which provides an insight into the world of masks.

If you would like to enquire about my presentation "The Story of Masks", feel free to contact me.  The presentation includes photos and real mask examples and is informative, visually pleasing and relevant to adults and children alike.

Ideal for schools, to tie in with art weeks and art festivals, or if you are studying masks.

Something a bit different if you are looking for a speaker.

Time and content can be tailored to suit.

I travel to Venice to do research and gain inspiration, and always bring home new information and ideas to share. I love to share my passion for masks with others who have a fascination for the wonderful realm of Masquerade.