ARTWORK - Through the Years

  Here you will find a very small selection of artworks I've produced over the years, since I starting painting seriously around the year 2000.
  As you'll see, my style has constantly evolved.

  To view my current Ink artworks - view the Tinkerings page

  This Collection: works created 2004-2012

DaysGoneBy1.jpg BondedForever2.jpg Crossroads2.jpg Towards_a_new_day_detail_web.jpg   Lemons_in_Sardinia1.jpg The_Roads_Lead_Here_4.jpg A_Small_Burst_of_Beauty.jpg Precious_Moments.jpg  BEYOND_THE_CROSSROADS.JPG     BlueDaySummit2.jpg WhisperIntoTheSky1.jpg JourneytoSummit.jpgRest_in_Peace.jpg

  This Collection: works created 2000-2004

 Tahitian_Blue_1.JPG Boat_on_a_tropical_sea1.JPGTropical_Water1.JPG   Reef_reflection1.JPG    Tropical_Day.jpg   West_coast.JPG  To_the_island.JPG