TORSOS and other sculptural pieces

Occasionally I produce unique one-off life-size torsos using mannequins that are decorated by hand. Each one takes many hours of work, beginning with much time spent dreaming up a vision in my head for how I want the torso to look.  I never draft designs on paper, they are only ever in my head.  As with wearable arts, my true joy is in bringing to life the creative images that begin inside my head.  If it goes on paper, it will never ever end up looking like the attempted design.  It may never get past the first stage!  However, when I work from my mind's eye, magic happens and voila - the dream becomes reality.

Rosetta1.jpg  Autumn_Queen.JPG  Society_Belle.JPG  Rosaria1.jpg  Celebrate_Life.JPG

  L to R: Rosetta; Autumn Queen; Society Belle; Rosaria; Celebrate Life





Sometimes I work with other body parts such as arms and legs or even shoe lasts ...whatever takes my fancy at any given time.

Some of these pieces, which are more sculptural in nature, have been created for charity, others for exhibition and sale.  If you would like to own one of my torsos, please contact me, I am happy to take commissions

Entwined.JPG    LetItLast1.JPG    Stepping_Out.JPG

L to R:  Entwined; Let It Last; Stepping out



A few years ago I produced a limited edition range of mini-torsos, as pictured on this page.  They measure approx. 14cm tall and each piece is individually handcrafted from my own mould, using a special high quality German ceramic material.  Each torso is hand decorated with meticulous attention to detail, using fabrics, ribbons, embellishments, beads, paua, crystals etc.  Ready to hang on the wall.

$35 each, or $90 for a set of three

I do have a small range of these torsos still available for sale, check with me if you are interested. When they are gone, they are gone ...