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"Soul Hugs" by Sally Blyth, 2009

The idea for this short story initially came one day when I was sitting looking at a photo of my mother, some time after her death (February 2007). I drafted the bones of the story then but completed it only recently, inspired to enter it into the "Fiction" section of the Aesthetica Creative Works Competition, an international competition, based in the United Kingdom.

Below is an extract from the email dated 10th November that advised me that I had attained "highly commended" by the judges - one of only 50 Commendations from over 2,500 entries. I was stoked.

Click the attached pdf file to read the story - be prepared to cry, especially if you have lost your beloved mum !!!

"As you know, every year we have applicants that submit for that coveted first place position, and this year competition was fierce with over 2,500 short stories entered for judging. For this reason, the extra week was required to ensure that each entry received full attention. After much deliberation, 16 writers were selected for the final stage of this competition.

Your work was highly commended by the judges. This year we have done something new in the Annual, and created a Commendations List. Your name and the title of your piece Soul Hugs are listed on this page. Although, not a finalist this year, you have been commended. There were only 50 commendations per section, so this is still a great honour."